Ten Interesting (??) Facts About Me

Amazing. That is how I would sum up the comments people make about me. (At least to my face – behind the back, well…you’d have to tell me.) An uncanny number of people – upon our initial meeting –  tell me that they feel like they know me or have met me before. A motley group of people from the past bring up things I have said years – even decades – ago, and they point out how funny, blunt, insightful, or annoying I was. (My sister likes to note how crude I was/am.)

Most Interesting ManI imagine everyone has such experiences, and I seem to get them a lot. A few months ago, after being grilled by one too many strangers about where we might have met, I frustratedly responded, “I’m not sure – do you watch a lot of porn?”

I’m not irritated, but I truly see myself as a pretty average person, and not a terribly memorable one at that. Evidently, there are those who disagree.

Nevertheless, today’s assignment of finding ten interesting facts is a true challenge.

  1. Just to clear the air: I have never been done porn.
  2. I can say exactly one sentence in Czech despite being fluent in Russian.
  3.  Riga, Latvia was home for six months.
  4. I can say one phrase in Latvian.
  5. Shopping is fun, but only with other people’s money for other people.
  6. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a spy.
  7. When I tell people number six, I always smile mysteriously.
  8. I have always wanted to do a triathlon.
  9. My Teddy Bear is older than me.
  10. Snakes do not bother me, but rodents revolt me. (Except guinea pigs).

So, there’s a list. Make of it and me what you will.

What are your interesting things? Everyone has them. Think about it.

Join me.


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