Someone who Fascinates Me

When my youngest son asks, “Did you hear what Kim did?” I know he’s talking about the K-family, but I don’t care. Because I don’t know them.He also likes to share the updated looks of his favorite drag queens, and he pours over the grocery checkout rags. He is a celebrity follower. I am not. And, aside from a totally justifiable pre-teen crush on the brothers Shaun and David Cassidy, I have never been a celebrity gossip girl.

So, who fascinates me? The guy sitting at the end of the bar who ordered to-go food that has been steaming its styrofoam container for nearly twenty minutes, and despite this fact, he keeps ordering beer after shot after beer. What is waiting for him at home? Or not waiting?

The woman who walks the Target parking lot in Cedar Rapids with her toddler in the summer time. She begs for anything you want to give her. If you say no to one thing, she’ll ask for another. Or even, “What can you spare?” I’d like to know her story.

Those two semi-Australian guys at Outback Steakhouse a couple years ago who were watching NASCAR, drinking lots of beers, and swearing really loudly. What was their story?

I once briefly knew a trucker who cared for his aging father, but who posed as a total asshole. I wonder if he really was an asshole or that was a shell he invented to protect himself from further loss.

Two months ago I attended a wedding of a high school friend. At the wedding, there was a guy who seemed to be in charge of something, but was attired in a grungy t-shirt and even grungier jeans. I’d like to have a beer with him.

And, how about that one girl who was always – and, I mean always – in the sauna at the Fieldhouse in college. What was her deal? Did she never go to classes? Was her schedule so unchanging that no matter when I happened to actually workout and then sauna, she was there? Was she following me? In love with me? How delusional am I?

And, speaking of me (all bloggers are narcissistic to some degree), I am fascinated by myself. This interest has been created by the “Time Hop” app and the Facebook memories option. I see what I posted two, five, eight years ago, and I wonder at that person. What in the heck was I thinking? Who was I?

There are interesting people all around. We all know them. We all are them. Let’s get to know some.

Join me.


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