Q & A

years that ask questions

What questions did 2015 ask you?

Which questions were answered?

A few days ago I was talking with a friend, and he shared a couple of things that he thought about me. I was flabbergasted in a good way. His thoughts reaffirmed some ideas I had. Then, a few days later the same thing happened with new friend. Again, her comments were unwittingly supportive. Earlier this holiday season, I was involved with a community theater production. While chatting backstage with a fellow performer, he commented, “You are so polished – I think I need to hear an f-bomb from you.” He didn’t know it, but he gave me a first-time ever compliment in that sentence.

Through these friends and more, 2015 has been a year of answers for me. I appreciate 2015 because I had two solid years of questions prior to this. Questions about moving, jobs, children, family, pets, life, avocations, friends – you name it and I was unsure about it. I’m not saying I’m sure about everything now, but I have more answers.

Well, at least I have a few answers for now. New questions will be posed – they are likely formulating themselves as I type –  and old answers will need revision.

Oprah’s closing column in every magazine issue is “What I Know For Sure.” Thank heavens I don’t have to guest write that column because it would be one sentence: Nothing is certain; make peace with that.

When things are going well and we feel on solid ground, it is easy to wonder when the shoe will drop or which carpet will be pulled out from under us. Faced with questions and uncertainty, a quick answer is to crawl under the covers and hide. Neither of these seem to be productive in the end, but I know I’ve done both.

As we endure the year in reviews that are inevitable, the diet program ads that are interminable, and the resolutions that fizzle out too quickly, it comforts me to think poetically about hopes and life and the years that ask and answer, as well as the possibility of not having answers.

Join me.



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