Wine and Blood

“Half gods are worshipped with wine and flowers. Real gods require blood.”

In the season of champagne toasts and high-minded resolutions, it is time for many of us to buy new calendars. By purchasing a book of time-marked blank pages we are giving ourselves another dance.

A renewed floating orbit pushes us to make promises – to organize our hopes. These lined pages offer us chances to keep a tidier house which will provide us peace of mind that will lead to clearer thinking that will result in more time to do what we really want to do.

What do we really want to do?

What do we really want to do?

What do we really want to do?

What do we really want to do?

What do we really want to do?

It ends up that what we want to do is write things down to cross them off on a year-long repeat routine. Then this season sparkles promises again. We acquiesce, begging the heavens for another rotation of mercy to complete the unfinished, to start the undone, to say the unuttered.

Half gods walk through our days and sit next to us on the couch at night. We, the revenants, continue – committed to countdowns and calendars – we see passions through curiously dim eyes. Comforting.

Yet, the real gods await us. Grand purpose? Divine plans? Perhaps. Just as likely pursuits that whisper to us as we turn the corner. Possibly avocations from younger days that whimper attention in the wee hours. A sense of what we must do frightened by the course required.

We are more than codified plans and neglected intentions. To remember who we are is a summons – a decision for each day.

Join me. wine






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