The Five Decade List: Update #1

Well, it is the third day of 2017, and I have completed two items from my list. I’ve also started two others (but, I’ll talk about those another time.)

One of my list items was to attend a University of Iowa men’s basketball game. Done. January first, I was excited to attend e2d4d12010eea61d26fca938dc7b30abthe Hawkeyes-Wolverine basketball game with my new dear friend who graduated from Michigan. So, we couldn’t lose. Someone would win.

The people who won were us: great seats;  fantastic company; a close game throughout; and, an overtime victory for my Hawkeyes.

Then, on the second of January, youngest son and I went bowling. I bowled 299 – in three games. Youngest son bowled somewhat less than that. We had snacks and drinks, and enjoyed hanging out together.

So, who cares? Why write about this?

The reflection is this: it doesn’t matter who wins. It’s all about the people you do things with and the memories that you make.

Sure, it was great that Iowa won. But, I applauded when Michigan made a good play. And, new dear friend gamely joined in being the “O” in the I-O-W-A chant that the pep squad led. We were enjoying the time, each other, and the experience. No need to be a rabid fan; no need for trash talk.

On the other hand, trash talk is totally appropriate when one bowls with a 15 year-old male. He deserves it, and he dishes it right back, and it’s all in good fun. Youngest son is incapable of bowling without root beer and french fries, and that’s fine with me. When he thinks back to his middle school days, I want him to think of these times fondly.

Building memories: we all do it. And, this year, I’m striving to do it more purposefully and more joyfully with friends and family.





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